About Us

We supply simple, easy to use GPS solutions

We only supply GPS trackers that have been personally tested by our team. All the setup and programming is done before we ship your products out.
Tracking solutions for nearly all needs, and if you have a requirement we haven’t already got covered, we will research and find the suitable solution for you!

Be Proactive

Don’t wait for your property to be stolen, protect it now before its too late.

We wanted to be different, and provide more than average out of the box. Instead of providing cheap products with poor setup and service we found ways to supply what really is needed at lower pricing than our competitors. We don’t use overseas based servers or slow and difficult to use tracking sites, we use the worlds best tracking software hosted on local servers and all our staff are locals as well. This means fast communication with people who know you and know how to help.

Live Tracking

Track and Locate

Secure and track nearly anything. Cars, motorbike, trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, boats and planes. Anything that is mobile and able to be stolen can be secured with a suitable tracker. There is nothing worse than finding your valuable property gone, don’t wait till its too late, secure your items now, and put the power back in your hands if they do go missing.

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Our live tracking portal gives you access to full 24/7 tracking and monitoring of all your assets and property. Features such as movement alerts, geo-fencing, speed monitoring, servicing requirements and more. Buy one of our trackers or bring your own, our service is compatible with almost every tracker on the market.