Why won't my GPS tracker work with your site ?

Your device needs to be told where to send data, in this case to send data to our servers. Usually there is a specific sms command related to the model of device that will tell it to do this, please check your user manual or send us information about your device and we will find the correct command for you.

In the rare case that your tracker isn’t supported, we suggest you buy one of our tested and confirmed 4g models.

Why does my device reply to sms commands but not send data to the website?

Please make sure you have set the correct APN name for your sim card provider. This is usually Internet, Vodafone, or a similar naming format, google your sim card provider and APN to find the correct one.

You would then need to send an sms command to your device to tell your device this also.

How do i setup a geofence so I am alerted when my device moves from my house ?

This can be done under the tools menu once you are logged in on the website. Select your device on the map and draw a circle around it to the distance you want before an alert would be sent.

Why isn't your site free ?

Simply put: a good product costs money, our site has running costs involved in servers, hosting and staff labour. Also we are a business, and we hope that in providing you with a superior service and features we can be a valuable return for your payment.

How do I setup the tracking app on my smartphone ?

The smartphone app requires custom setup, please see full easy to understand directions here:

How can I get help ?

Please use the contact us form first, we will reply to your email within 1-2 hours in most cases. If you need us urgently you can contact us on the mobile number given 9-5pm, 7 days a week