4G Pet GPS Tracker


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Small and lightweight 4G pet wearable GPS tracker.

The perfect solution to wandering animals, know where your pet has been and how far they roam.

Comes with a collar suitable for small dog or large cat, can be attached to larger collars for bigger animals.

Battery life is around 3 days of constant use

Recharge via micro usb cable

Real time, live tracking via website or smartphone app

Requires a nano sim card which must be pre-activated before use.

Note: Mobile phone signal is required for this device to work, if you are going bush where there is no signal, you will not be able to track this device until it can logon to the mobile phone network. Rule of thumb is, no signal on your phone ? = no signal for GPS tracker.

Please note, this is a 4G only device, check your phone in the location you want to use it and make sure you have 4G signal first, if you don't have 4g coverage on your phone the tracker won't also.